Sunday, 21 October 2012

Red Orc Blood Moon Tribe...

Plans for some concentrated Orc painting in September evaporated as the real world intruded but I have now managed to finish my first regiment of Red Orcs. The models are all Nick Lund sculpted Grenadier UK models.

Given the clear differences between the Perry Twins/Kev Adams Orcs and the ones Nick sculpted, I have decided that the Nick Lund ones (Chronicle, Grenadier) will be a different Orc race with "red" skin as opposed to the more common "green".

I've always liked Nick's style of Orc and even have some of his original pre-GW Chronicle Miniatures which wll be repainted as part of this exercise, even if the original early eighties Orcs are now so small that they will probably now have to downgraded to Red Goblin status!

I picked up most of the miniatures whilst Grenadier UK was still operating but between Mirliton and em-4 I think most are still available.

Finishing these off reminded me I have a pile of the plastic Grendier Orcs that were included in their Fantasy Warriors boxed game (and are still available from em-4 for as little as 15p each if bought in packs of 50). I've not done anything with these yet but as can be seen from these posts at Combat Zone Chronicles, they have great potential...