Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Goblin Lost Bod Tribe...

And now for something really old... None of your 3rd edition newness here, I bought most of these miniatures back in 1980 b.w. (before Warhammer).

The Fantasy Tribe Goblins released in October 1980 (as Fantasy Tribe Gnolls) are some of my favourite Citadel miniatures, not just for reasons of reminiscing, but also because they are nice sculpts with a number of random variants per code.

For some unknown reason most of this regiment have sat unpainted for the last 34 years, whilst comrades have won countless victories under the banner of Gorbage the Goblin against the evil Dwarves. That situation has now been rectified and the Lost Bods are ready to march!

Whilst these are (of course) pre-slotta, they have been based on slottas to fit in with the rest of the refurbished army.

I have also painted them in my 'modern' black undercoat style and used some wash on them. Ironically the original figures were subject to a Sepia Brown oil wash as part of my teenage technique to grubby them up as well as provide some shading.

I have converted one duplicate polearm sporting Goblin into a standard bearer, I know some readers will be aghast at this "butchery" but it has to be done as I did not have a spare FTG standard bearer to hand.

Next? Possibly some very old pre-GW Chronicle Miniatures Orcs (that are so small they will have to be rebadged as Goblins)

Monday, 22 July 2013

Rechgrundle - Warrior Maiden of Dim Ponn...

The last miniature of Speciality Set 3 - Knights of Chaos for a little while, this time a female Chaos Knight, the delightfully named Rechgundle!

I've always liked this model and she did prove fun to paint, especially her unusual costume that seems to owe more to an S&M party than it does a battlefield (not that I've been to either!!!).

The design on this shield is nicely done and was easy enough to paint using a wash and some odd highlights. As I've said previously I am not a fan of engraved shields but I do like this one with its vaguely Japanese demon design.

With seven of the set now painted I have begun to rethink my initial Band of Brigands plan and am pondering using them as a special kick ass unit in small scenario driven games- The Malnificent Seven perhaps?

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Tomar Spogh - Warrior of the Divine Tuluk...

I managed to hunt down a couple more of the Knights of Chaos from 1984's Speciality Set 3 and have just finished Tomar Spogh - Warrior of the Divine Tuluk.

As you can see he is considerably different from the current Chaos look, much more Middle Eastern in look.

Initially I painted him up in a red coat but was not happy with the end result. I then tried blue which was better but I was still not 100% satisfied. In the end I added some "lightning stripes" effect to break up the solid colour, I'm not quite sure if it works but it will do until I have a better idea.

Just got the Warrior Maiden of Dim Ponn to finish from the set (until I find the AWOL Agrad), in the meantime I have started some prep work on a unit of Fantasy Tribe Gnolls, some of who have sat in Lead Mountain since 1980...

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Three Fighters Walk Into a Bar...

I found a few Citadel CO1 Fighters from 1985 that are shown in the Third Citadel Compendium and decided to paint them up. Compared to earlier Perry sculpted miniatures these are distinctly below par and demonstrate that not everything that is old is necessarily any good... :-(

First off is Beowulf the Bezerk, an unusual barbarian type wearing a breast plate of armour with a G-string and posing pouch. You have to wonder what the sculptor was smoking...

Next is Angus Hardheart a reasonable enough Dark Ages type fighter with a ridiculously overscale spear (I thought these telegraph pole spears had died out with Minifigs in the seventies). Perhaps we could be generous and say it is a dragon hunting spear?

Finally a female fighter, called Erlic in the Compendium. A very bland average figure...

Friday, 19 July 2013

Doomed Ratchragged - Priest of Wenwoch the Waylayer...

I'm not sure who Wenwoch the Waylayer is but his priests have an "interesting" line in cut away chainmail, clearly a bit of air conditioning on the battlefield!

Doomed Ratchragged is another nearly thirty year old miniature from the Knights of Chaos Speciality Set.

A bit of a weird model with his cut away chainmail leggings, I decided to paint the chainmail up using brass to provide some relief from the steel plate.

The model had a poorly scratched star shield design, I did consider painting this over with some Liquid Green Stuff but decided to go with the original design, despite the fact it is not up to the same standard as the rest of the model.

A rummage in Lead Mountain today has led to the discovery of two more from the set so I have based and primed them, I just need to hunt down Agrad - Champion of the Laughing Jokkie and the set will be complete.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Cursed Doomhandle - Apostate of Heinus Suth...

Yet another Citadel miniature from 1984's Speciality Set 3 - Knights of Chaos, this time Cursed Doomhandle - Apostate of Heinus Suth (I can see him getting the proverbial taken out of him and being called Cursed Broomhandle!)

He is a pretty heavily armoured chap with a lot of chainmail which sped up the painting process no end.

The shield had and embossed flaming bull head design. I'm not a fan of this sort of thing but decided to run with it rather than sand it down. I've kept with the red and black approach to provide a unit coherency to a non-uniform unit.

I have one more of the set left to paint and three AWOL somewhere in Lead Mountain which need hunting down...

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Buoophut Bane-Arrow - Devotee of Alaman...

Another chaos knight from Citadel's 1984 Speciality Set 3 - Knights of Chaos, this time Buoophut Bane-Arrow - Devotee of Alaman.

Again a model I really like, the only thing I am not keen on is the pigs snout face but hey most of it is covered by his wonderful bird helmet.

It will be a bit odd having an archer in a unit of troops with melee weapons but that's what "olde skool" is all about! :-)

Friday, 12 July 2013

Sir Palomides Pureheart...

Sir Palomides is from Citadel's Speciality Set 5 - Warrior Knights of Law, another pre-slotta base 1984 release.

 I can't recall buying the box set so I'm not sure how I ended up with him and he has always flummuxed me as to how to paint him due to the unusual look of the miniature (what's with the bloody hat?!).

Anyhow I had another crack at him with the view to sticking him in the band of brigands hence the red and black shield scheme (with a boar head decal from Veni Vidi Vici).

Overall, fairly pleased with him...

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Thel - Knight of Gorth the Great Obesity...

Before Nurgle there was Gorth the Great Obesity...

This is another miniature from Citadel's Speciality Set 3 - Knights of Chaos released in 1984 and my favourite figure from the set. I would love a unit of troops kitted out like this.

I especially like the dragonhide shield - very swords and sorcery.

I have tried to keep the paint scheme quite plain so not to distract from the detail on the miniature, which is excellent.


So the Band of Brigands grows and is starting to look pretty good...

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Red Dulmoon - Dark Saint of Insane Gotd...

Another one for the Band of Brigands, a lovely miniature from a boxed set of Knights of Chaos bought in 1984. Red Dulmoon - Dark Saint of Insane Gotd (as he is called on the box, who is Gotd?) predates Realm of Chaos and has a distinctly non-GW canon Chaos look.

There were nine miniatures in the box, three more are on the workbench, the other five hiding on Lead Mountain and need hunting down...

Monday, 1 July 2013

Band of Brigands...

A rummage through Lead Mountain has shown that I bought a lot of miniatures in the Eighties without any rhyme or reason apparently! Over the decade I seem to have bought a lot of fighters and adventurers which, whilst being nice figures, aren't part of any planned army. These two fighters were released by Citadel as part of their Collectors Series in the late Eighties, one previously having been released as a Chaos warrior!

1113 Evil Fighters
I have been pondering what to do with them (and their colleagues hiding in boxes and carrier bags around the house) and have decided on a plan. Rather than worry about the lack of a common theme equipment wise I am going to embrace it and paint them up as a small mercenary or brigand band which can fight with pretty much any army.

Paint schemes are fairly downbeat and weathered with rusty weapons and armour, though I am thinking of sticking to a red and/or black shield colouring to give some kind of unit coherency with such a mixed bag of miniatures.

Several more (some pre-Slotta) are current sat on the workbench having just been undercoated and will be added to these two as and when time permits...