Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Goblin Lost Bod Tribe...

And now for something really old... None of your 3rd edition newness here, I bought most of these miniatures back in 1980 b.w. (before Warhammer).

The Fantasy Tribe Goblins released in October 1980 (as Fantasy Tribe Gnolls) are some of my favourite Citadel miniatures, not just for reasons of reminiscing, but also because they are nice sculpts with a number of random variants per code.

For some unknown reason most of this regiment have sat unpainted for the last 34 years, whilst comrades have won countless victories under the banner of Gorbage the Goblin against the evil Dwarves. That situation has now been rectified and the Lost Bods are ready to march!

Whilst these are (of course) pre-slotta, they have been based on slottas to fit in with the rest of the refurbished army.

I have also painted them in my 'modern' black undercoat style and used some wash on them. Ironically the original figures were subject to a Sepia Brown oil wash as part of my teenage technique to grubby them up as well as provide some shading.

I have converted one duplicate polearm sporting Goblin into a standard bearer, I know some readers will be aghast at this "butchery" but it has to be done as I did not have a spare FTG standard bearer to hand.

Next? Possibly some very old pre-GW Chronicle Miniatures Orcs (that are so small they will have to be rebadged as Goblins)


  1. Very cool.
    Wow, these goblins have served longer than Roman Legionaries ;)

  2. Lovely Gnolls/Great Goblins, well painted, great work.

    Nice to see more on the internet. They are really nice miniatures, full of character.

    Thank you :)

  3. Nice to see some painted preslotta goblins.. they seem to be unusual to find on the net.
    I too have a lot of Chronicle orcs that I am looking to start painting soon so it will be great to see yours done up. Only thing I am struggling to find is the old Chronicle chariots to go with them :(

  4. Nice work, they all come together very nicely. ;)

  5. Apologies for the threadomancy, but just getting the Fantasy gaming bug back after well over 15 years and I've got a few of these lurking both painted and unpainted.

    You've done a great job of giving them life. As for the standard barer, conversion is all part of the game and fun with it.

    1. Cheers Grant. Still think the FT line was the best...