Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Red Dulmoon - Dark Saint of Insane Gotd...

Another one for the Band of Brigands, a lovely miniature from a boxed set of Knights of Chaos bought in 1984. Red Dulmoon - Dark Saint of Insane Gotd (as he is called on the box, who is Gotd?) predates Realm of Chaos and has a distinctly non-GW canon Chaos look.

There were nine miniatures in the box, three more are on the workbench, the other five hiding on Lead Mountain and need hunting down...


  1. Great looking old figure graced with a lovely paint job! I'll have to shop around for some of the figures from that set...

  2. Nicely done, you have really brought the old miniature to life.

    No idea who Gotd is?
    Perhaps you could use it as a theme for the Brigands, ' the last followers of the Doomed Cult of Gotd' ?

    1. It's a good idea but the Divine Tuluk and Gorth the Great Obesity might get upset!