Monday, 22 July 2013

Rechgrundle - Warrior Maiden of Dim Ponn...

The last miniature of Speciality Set 3 - Knights of Chaos for a little while, this time a female Chaos Knight, the delightfully named Rechgundle!

I've always liked this model and she did prove fun to paint, especially her unusual costume that seems to owe more to an S&M party than it does a battlefield (not that I've been to either!!!).

The design on this shield is nicely done and was easy enough to paint using a wash and some odd highlights. As I've said previously I am not a fan of engraved shields but I do like this one with its vaguely Japanese demon design.

With seven of the set now painted I have begun to rethink my initial Band of Brigands plan and am pondering using them as a special kick ass unit in small scenario driven games- The Malnificent Seven perhaps?


  1. Very fun. Brings back good friend had an orc army in the late 80's with his elite unit named 'the demon shields' where he painted close up faces, all different colors & all unique, good fun :) I'm with you though, I never cared much for embossed shields.. with the exception of goblin shields with the moon face.

  2. A great looking unit! Great painting and they ooze nostalgia...I love them!

  3. Thought you might be interested in this blog post on the Eldritch Epistles blog as it contains profiles and background for the Knights of Chaos you have just painted.