Sunday, 21 July 2013

Tomar Spogh - Warrior of the Divine Tuluk...

I managed to hunt down a couple more of the Knights of Chaos from 1984's Speciality Set 3 and have just finished Tomar Spogh - Warrior of the Divine Tuluk.

As you can see he is considerably different from the current Chaos look, much more Middle Eastern in look.

Initially I painted him up in a red coat but was not happy with the end result. I then tried blue which was better but I was still not 100% satisfied. In the end I added some "lightning stripes" effect to break up the solid colour, I'm not quite sure if it works but it will do until I have a better idea.

Just got the Warrior Maiden of Dim Ponn to finish from the set (until I find the AWOL Agrad), in the meantime I have started some prep work on a unit of Fantasy Tribe Gnolls, some of who have sat in Lead Mountain since 1980...


  1. You have been rocking these old figures. I love them! They may not have the micro-details and exact proportions they should have and may be lacking in detail but I don't know, they have personality or something. Fun stuff.

  2. Looking good there.. Are you going to search out the Awol guy just to get the set?
    Do you have pics of the Malik minis btw? Im sure you must have the minis somewhere.

    I also spotted you may have some chronicle orc chariots buried somewhere. any chance you still have them? I am building a chronicle orc army and cannot find any :(
    message me if you do at

    keep up the painting its great to see old lead with colour.