Monday, 1 July 2013

Band of Brigands...

A rummage through Lead Mountain has shown that I bought a lot of miniatures in the Eighties without any rhyme or reason apparently! Over the decade I seem to have bought a lot of fighters and adventurers which, whilst being nice figures, aren't part of any planned army. These two fighters were released by Citadel as part of their Collectors Series in the late Eighties, one previously having been released as a Chaos warrior!

1113 Evil Fighters
I have been pondering what to do with them (and their colleagues hiding in boxes and carrier bags around the house) and have decided on a plan. Rather than worry about the lack of a common theme equipment wise I am going to embrace it and paint them up as a small mercenary or brigand band which can fight with pretty much any army.

Paint schemes are fairly downbeat and weathered with rusty weapons and armour, though I am thinking of sticking to a red and/or black shield colouring to give some kind of unit coherency with such a mixed bag of miniatures.

Several more (some pre-Slotta) are current sat on the workbench having just been undercoated and will be added to these two as and when time permits...

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