Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Thel - Knight of Gorth the Great Obesity...

Before Nurgle there was Gorth the Great Obesity...

This is another miniature from Citadel's Speciality Set 3 - Knights of Chaos released in 1984 and my favourite figure from the set. I would love a unit of troops kitted out like this.

I especially like the dragonhide shield - very swords and sorcery.

I have tried to keep the paint scheme quite plain so not to distract from the detail on the miniature, which is excellent.


So the Band of Brigands grows and is starting to look pretty good...


  1. Oh they do look nice topgether not sure on your assessment of this guy being nicely detailed.

    I think my favourite is the hooded one with the chainmail bandana!

  2. Another great miniature, well painted, and devoted to an ancient half forgotten god :)

    Minitrol is right, they do look good together as a unit.