Friday, 19 July 2013

Doomed Ratchragged - Priest of Wenwoch the Waylayer...

I'm not sure who Wenwoch the Waylayer is but his priests have an "interesting" line in cut away chainmail, clearly a bit of air conditioning on the battlefield!

Doomed Ratchragged is another nearly thirty year old miniature from the Knights of Chaos Speciality Set.

A bit of a weird model with his cut away chainmail leggings, I decided to paint the chainmail up using brass to provide some relief from the steel plate.

The model had a poorly scratched star shield design, I did consider painting this over with some Liquid Green Stuff but decided to go with the original design, despite the fact it is not up to the same standard as the rest of the model.

A rummage in Lead Mountain today has led to the discovery of two more from the set so I have based and primed them, I just need to hunt down Agrad - Champion of the Laughing Jokkie and the set will be complete.


  1. I'd never spotted the dodgy chainmail before! :-) I may well have an Agrad - if I do you can have him.

    1. Cheers Steve, that is most kind. I will have a proper look through Lead Mountain first as I'm pretty sure he is here somewhere...

  2. Another lovely old Chaos Warrior to a forgotten God (or Priest! ).

    I assumed the the warrior was wearing leggings underneath, but bare legs work very well. Always liked the spikes on the back armour too.