Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Wolf Rider Dead Skull Tribe...

Not one, but two new regiments today, both C21 Goblin Wolf Riders (1985 vintage). First off the Dead Skull Tribe...

I bought the figures back in 1985 and painted up one regiment of 16 at the time, but not the other.

To maintain a consistent look (and hide my horrid youthful painting) I repainted the 16 at the same time as the unpainted ones.

I went for a rough look, wetbrushing a dark brown over a black undercoat, then layering colours on the goblins themselves. The wolves are just drybrushed greys and browns over a black undercoat.

Unfortunately I found I was missing two of the original Gobin riders so have drafted in a couple of converted plastic Moria Goblins. Hopefully I can replace them if I can find the originals or replace them...

1 comment:

  1. Really like the simple banner designs - very gobbo!

    I definitely need more wolfies for my unpainted hordes. Do you remember that pic on the back of White Dwarf (somewhere around issue 140-something I think) of massed Goblin Wolfriders with a striking yellow colour scheme attacking a small Dwarven force - now that's an army I'd like to recreate.