Saturday, 19 January 2013

Boronn the Wretched

I managed to grab a little bit of time today to finish off the Reaper Ogre Chieftain that has been sat on my workbench for almost a year (hardly time to gather dust given my usual 25 year delay!). He is one of their plastic Bones line and purchased to check out the material as much as it was because I liked the miniature.

Whilst the plastic is not to same as the hard styrene Citadel use and despite it looking slightly vinyl like in the raw, it produces an excellent result miniatures wise and paints up well using standard techniques (I washed, layered and drybrushed here).

The miniature has a very 'old school', almost Ral Partha look to it and I suspect it will fit in well with my old Citadel Ogres bought pack in the eighties when I find them(!) As this traditional style differs from the GW Ogre Kingdom look I decided to paint him in swarthy brown skin tones rather than the original Ogre Kingdom greyish skin I painted the Ogre Slayers.

Incidentally progress on the Zombie horde goes well, lots of block painting, and I hope to start splashing the dip sometime in the week...


  1. wonderful paint job, love the moody tone. I'm very impressed with the how you transformed the Bones line from their unprepared appearance.

    I ummed and ah'd them a while back, ultimately deciding they'd be disappointing. I'm glad to discover evidence to the contrary :-D what height is he?

    1. 48mm from heel to top of his head. I'm looking forward to the ones I purchased on the Kickstarter, especially the dragons and big beasties!

    2. ooh shiny! I didn't here about that, I did get a whole bunch of love-hate orcs from the Mantic one though. Looking forward to these zoms, bet you've got the batch painting shakes by now! ;-)