Saturday, 1 September 2012

Barking Mad...

Unfortunately my WHFB2 project hit a bit of a brick wall over the summer (if we can call what we had a summer here in the UK) but I am dedicating most of this month to cracking on with the Orcs and Goblins so hopefully this blog will seem some more regular posting!

Dipping my toe back into the fantasy water I finished painting an old Citadel C27 Hobhounds and Hobgoblin Master set that I've had sat around since the mid-eighties (along with a regiment of Hobgoblins).

I pondered on how to mount the figures as I liked the idea of the Hobhounds being unleashed to attack enemy units and in the end adopted a similar approach to the Dwarf Rocketeers by building a sabot base for the miniatures. I added foil leads, I'm not 100% convinced this works but it looks better with them than it does without.

Back to the Red Orcs next I think...


  1. Welcome back, sir! You have been missed. A lovely return to the fold - very, very fitting indeed!

    Lets see them hobgoblins then...

    1. When they're painted. They are not very photogenic in their black undercoat! :-)