Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Orc Red Skull Tribe...

The latest Orc regiment is definitely old skool and rather obscure...

Back in 1991 Scottish company Fantasy Forge released a box of resin Orcs scuplted by Kev Adams which have unfortunately sat in the attic for two decades.

They have now been rescued and painted up as part of my Olde Skool Warhammer project (though I want to do a little more shading on the banner...).

The box only contained twelve miniatures, two basic poses with head variants. Detail was very good and the casting quality top notch with none of the problems that seem to afflict GW's Finecast.

To beef the unit up I added four old Heartbreaker Orcs (also scuplted by Kev Adams in the nineties) and painted up one of GW's original movement trays for them.

Working on finishing a Red Orc infantry regiment and some 1985 Kev Adams Goblin Wolf Riders next...


  1. Never seen these before and not that familiar with the Heartbreaker stuff - great minis and pj's.

  2. Wow...yeah...never heard of these...amazing that they were able to get resin right 20 years before GW screwed it up so badly.

    You sure can tell they are Kevs sculpts...just great...a very sinister looking unit for sure. Well done.