Friday, 1 February 2013

The Little Bumpton Militia

I painted up these old C11 Halflings (1084-85 vintage) from Citadel a couple of years back, but they are part of my 'olde skool' plans I thought they deserved showing off...

Un-named halfling, Rotundo and Screaming Lord Titch
Cecil Ogre Slayer
Stigwort Facebracket


  1. Fantastic. I'd like a nice Halfling regiment in my Empire army, just for the fun of it really!

  2. Great looking unit! I like these old halflings much better than the Lumpen Croop type castings which came out later. Love the beer keg for a unit standard...nobody's going to feel inclined to let THAT standard fall into enemy hands!

  3. Nice collection. Well worth showing off.

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