Friday, 21 June 2013

In the Northlands...

Unfortunately I have not had too much time for my Olde Skool Warhammer project this year but I have kept it in mind when working on other projects, most notably with my Dux Bellorum Arthurian army. Dark Ages miniature warriors are equally at home whether beating each other up or laying into Orcs and Goblins so when it came to Dux Bellorum I have made sure that the miniatures can be used for both the Dark Ages wargame and WHFB2!

The background to WHFB2 is not as detailed as in later editions which allows for the some interpretation in what can be used. The Old World is largely dominated by humans but all we know is that the ones who live in the north are "technically and socially primitive (11th to 13th century Europe)". Using Dark Ages figures may be pushing the early edge of this time period though there is little difference between a 6th century Saxon and a 11th century one and we are talking fantasy wargaming here...

Consequently my Dux Bellorum Romano-British will form part of a Northern Old World force, possibly allied with other good or neutral races. The miniatures here are shown in their Dux Bellorum sabot bases and comprise of Old Glory, West Wind and a couple of Gripping Beast cavalry.

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