Sunday, 5 January 2014

Svart Död Trolls...

Real life and other hobby distractions have led to me neglecting my WHFB2 project, but a new year and new plans, so...

I dug out these OOP Heartbreaker Hobbies from 1994 sculpted by Tim Prow. Part of their Fantasy Miniatures line, they are Troll with Axe (#HBH3605) and Troll with Clubs (#HBH3606).  Not the world's greatest models but a bit of fun I painted them up with black skin for a bit of variety.

I have subsequently found another Heartbreaker troll from their Magic: The Gathering range, a Sedge Troll (#9125) which shares the same body so will be added to these two soon...


  1. Those Trolls look great, love the black flesh.

  2. How did you paint the black flesh? I am considering a similar look for my black orc repaints.