Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Road Goes Ever On...

On my regular blog I have been ruminating on Warhammer 2nd edition and how much fun I had as a teenager with the game compared to its current hefty version. The end result of this navel gazing was a decision to revisit the eighties this summer after my son finishes his GCSE's and play some 2nd edition games to see if he gets the same level of enjoyment out of it I did.

Chronicle Wolf Rider (1984)
To this end I am looking to take my old Goblinoid army out of retirement, spruce up certain units to C21st painting standards (my technique at the time was enamels washed with sepia oil!) and beat seven kinds of the proverbial out of his modern plastic Dwarf army. Depending on time and how this goes I may dig out some other forces such as my old Undead to see if I can form an army and a pile of new Elves that Saul has but have yet to see paint.

This blog will record the journey and include battle reports assuming we get that far and hopefully encourage some of you to set the time machine for the "good olde days" and have some fun even if just as a short term project...

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