Saturday, 25 February 2012

Call Of The Lichemaster...

I managed to get a little bit distracted and over excited this week although I am determined this will not affect my initial plan to get the Goblinoid army back on the field of play first. North Star had a couple of Mantic Zombie hordes available at a sale price and I weakened and bought one. I'm not quite sure why, part of me was thinking they might have some use in my modern day zombie project, whilst I know that Lead Mountain does have a lot of undead in it including a number of the small Fantasy Tribe skeletons and zombies, as well as the original plastic skellies.

Whatever, the models are excellent, much better than the current GW zombies so before I really had a chance to think about it I ordered a Mantic Undead Army box off Think Wargames (it was a good discount). I will however put them away (after a quick peruse and play with) until the Goblinoids are finished (and I have started on the painting of these).

This will give me some time to think about the background of the army. I really don't like the Vampire Counts background, to my mind it makes no sense for vampires to command an army of skeletons and zombies, it would seem to be much more logical to have an army of human thralls who could also serve as a food source (which IIRC was the premise in Harlequin's Raven fantasy wargame). It may be that Heinrich Kemmler is drafted into the games as a Necromancer would seem the best bet to be in control of an undead army, we'll see (and that thralls idea is possibly worth revisiting as well...).

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  1. I dislike the Vampire Counts fluff as well. Plus a lot of the figures are just plain ugly.
    My idea for getting Undead into the game is to write up a corrupt, isolated area of Bretonnia and have their court wizard be a Necromancer. In times of need he can call upon the contents of the local graveyard. He can even, if need be, open the crypts of the nobles and long dead heroes.
    The suggestion of using an army of human 'Thralls' is also quite appealing and would be great for filling out the force... giving it character.