Thursday, 23 February 2012

Taking Stock...

Ok, so my basic idea is to get my old school Goblinoid army up to scratch to fight Saul's 6th/7th edition era miniature Dwarf army over the summer, consequently it was necessary to take stock of what miniatures I have sat around and could need repainting

I have decided that I'm not going to be be too precious in using only 1980's miniatures, or paint them in the GW style of the period (which I never liked) or use exclusively Citadel miniatures (some of my figures predate even them). So this evening I have had a rummage in my drawers (oo-er!) and discovered the following:

7 x Chronicle Orc Wolf Riders (pre-Citadel takeover Nick Lund sculpts)
4 x Chronicle Orc Wolf Riders (post-takeover Nick Lund sculpts)
32 x Citadel Goblin Wolf riders (Kev Adams sculpts)

2 x Citadel Goblin Wolf Battle Chariots (Kev Adams sculpts)
1 x Citadel Fantasy Tribe Goblin Boar Chariot (Perry Twins sculpt)
1 x Chronicle Orc Wolf Chariot (post -takeover) with Citadel Orc LOTR crew (1985 vintage)
1 x Grenadier Orc General Wolf Chariot (Nick Lund sculpt)

Fantasy Tribe & C16 Orcs (1980 - 83)
36 x Chronicle (post-takeover) and Grenadier Orcs (Nick Lund sculpts)
23 x Citadel Fantasy Tribe/C16 Orcs (Perry Twins sculpts)
16 x Grendel Orcs (Kev Adams sculpts)
18 x Harlequin/Black Tree Great Orcs (Kev Adams sculpts - these are really huge figures)
36 x Mantic Plastic Orcs

19 x Citadel Half-Orcs (Aly Morrison sculpts)

15 x Citadel Hobgoblins (Aly Morrison sculpts)
1 x Citadel Hobgoblin Warhound Handler with 3 Hounds (Aly Morrison sculpts)

Grom's Goblin Guard (1985)
35 x Citadel Fantasy Tribe Goblins (Perry Twins sculpts)
27 x Citadel Grom's Goblin Guard (Kev Adams sculpts)
40 x Citadel Night Goblin Spear (Skull Pass models)
6 x Citadel Night Goblin Fantatics (Kev Adams sculpts)

1 x Citadel Skull Crusher Goblin Trebuchet (with Night Goblin crew)
1 x Citadel Lead Belcher Goblin Organ Gun

Currently AWOL but I know they are around somewhere and just need hunting down...

1 x Citadel Goblin King's Boar Chariot
c. 30 x Citadel Fantasy Tribe Goblins
c. 20 x Chronicle Orcs (pre-takeover, very small by later standards)
c. 20 x Citadel Drastik Plastik Orc Spearmen
c, 20 Grenadier plastic Orcs

...think that should keep me busy! :-)

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