Saturday, 3 March 2012

Characters And Units...

Flicking through the 2nd edition scenario packs including Orcs Drift it struck me how much effort was put into characterisation, not only of individuals but also units. Rather than just being miscellaneous units of 'Orc infantry with hand weapons' and 'Goblin archers' we have The Crooked Tooth Tribe and the Bent Arrow Boys. Some units also get specific rules to reflect their history and background all of which adds to the flavour of any game you are playing (this isn't really unique to Warhammer, I find a WW2 game is better if you have the 'Hell on Wheels' 2nd Armored Division on the table rather than a genreic US armoured division).

FTG13 Gnoll/Goblin Chieftain's Chariot (1979)
Characters are also important in Warhammer and need developing before joining battle on the tabletop. Special rules need not be all beardy and make them better than a generic character. My original Goblin wizard suffered from alcoholism as bad as any Dwarf (he also had a baboon familiar for some reason long forgotten!).

My original eighties Goblinoid army (the Blue Öyster Cult - you may have noticed the markings on the shields and lyrics on flags...) were commanded by Gorbage the Goblin from his boar powered chariot. Whilst his fighting characteristics were pretty standard, his personal characteristics were boosted to reflect his intelligence and general canniness playing off stronger Orc characters against each other on his rise to the top (his subordinates were reminded of this by his personal standard that says 'Gorbage Eats Three Shredded Wheat'. Who'd argue with a leader who could do that?!!).

Having started painting up Orcs for the new army and organising the unpainted white metal I am pondering whether it is time for a new (Orc?) army general. Gorbage has a special place in my gaming history but I am wondering whether someone big with a huge axe might need to assume control...

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  1. Loving the old school Warhammer. I just started a blog to try and motivate myself to paint some of the mountain of vintage lead I have kicking around. An exchange of links would be cool