Monday, 12 March 2012

Karkolg's Ogre Mercenary Slayers

Whilst work continues on the Goblinoid army I thought I'd fill the gaps on the blog with some photos of units from the OPFOR, Saul's Dwarf army of Karak-Zaul, kicking off with something a little bit unusual. a unit of Ogre Mercenary Slayers...

Their gaming origin echoes back to when Saul's Dwarf army got its butt royally kicked by an Ogre Kingdoms army a few years ago at the local GW. As part of the usual 'arms race' mentality of the young he started to badger me to get him an Ogre army. I did manage to resist this, a compromise reached upon reading the army lists to discover Ogres could be a mercenary ally choice...

Yuzgrot the Scavenger
Not one to make things up as per the box and liking to put my own stamp on things, having just read the first couple of Gotrek and Felix books I came up with the idea of a small unit of Ogres who had embraced the Slayer concept and with a bit of Green Stuff, some Black Orc axes (with orc iconography removed) and Dwarf shields for belly plates we ended up with this fun unit.

Gorgann Nailhead
One of the Ogres has nails driven into his skull in homage to Snorri from the books. This was an easy thing to do with three dress making pins liberated from the wife! :-)

Thugorgl Belchfist
Despite, to my mind, looking really cool and kick ass, unfortunately their battlefield history is one of glorious failure, normally outstripping the slow moving Dwarves, they ended up in their first battle against Lizardmen, surrounded, outnumbered and quickly dead! Still that's what being a Slayer is all about isn't it?

Karkolg the Flatulant
Names inspired by the Ogre name generator, found here.

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