Thursday, 29 March 2012

Black Orc Chopped Skull Tribe

Whilst the main focus of my army will be old Citadel and Chronicle metal I am not averse to using more recent releases and consequently have dragooned this unit of current plastic GW Black Orcs into the fold.

This unit was constructed and painted by Saul and myself a couple of years back but I wasn't overly keen on the plate armour look (the models would be sooo much better with some fur as a contrast), however drawing on the rusting techniques used on the Harlequin Great Orcs I am much happier with them now.

I also took the opportunity to replace the standard that came with the figures with one made from the foil from a tube of tomato puree. The design is similar to one I found on the web. To my mind Orcs are not the worlds greatest artists and the John Blanche designs of yore that many paint seem somewhat ridiculous to my eye, so all the banners and shields in the army will have a simple and rough look to them (the only exception possibly being the Hobgoblins when I get around to them).

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