Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Doing Double Duty...

One of the great things in Warhammer II is the diversity of human types from Old Worlders to Norse, Arabians to Nomads, Orientals to Southrons. The Bestiary also included army lists for Old World Imperialists, Old World Southern City States and Imperial Cathan (complete with Samurai and Vimto Monks!)

Burgundian Command (Citadel with Grenadier Musician)
Back in the Eighties I developed a growing fascination with the medieval Burgundian army of Charles the Bold that was defeated in a series of decisive battles in the 1470's and decided that I would kill two birds with one stone and raise a Burgundian army in 28mm using the Citadel Wars of the Roses range, with odd bits sourced from other manufacturers.I had an idea that it would fight both the Swiss and Orcs (as an Old World City State) but unfortunately this project did not get very far. However, over the last year and a bit I have started painting up the models bought at the time as well as buying lead and plastic to fill the gaps.

Burgundian Pike (Corvus Miniatures)
The miniatures have been based on multi-figure bases to use with Terry Gore's Medieval Warfare rules but this is not a major problem with Warhammer as I can use counters to represent casualties before removing troop blocks.

Burgundian Pike element (Corvus Miniatures)
Burgundian Mounted Archers (Citadel)
I am not sure whether I will go down the route of using the Burgundians in this project as I also have some Dark Ages figures I would like to paint up and use but it gives me an option to consider although I will need to come up with some decent pike rules...

Burgundian Handgunners (Grenadier)
Burgundian Artillery (Grenadier)


  1. Nice models with lots of character.
    I've had the similar idea of double dipping an army of Bretonnians for use as a HYW army... but that project is on the back burner... and down the hall... out in the shed.
    As I build them up though I think I'll enlist them in my Undead army, per your excellent 'Thrall' idea.

    1. I can't claim he thrall concept as my idea, but it is pretty cool. Perhaps loyal service ensures you don't end up as dinner! :-)