Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Round And Round And Round And...

I've dug out three of my old Eighties Goblin Fanatics which I repainted a couple of years ago to use with the Night Goblins that came with the Skull Pass set. They have been rebased on the smaller 25mm round bases used in WHFB7 having previously been on larger bases which, IIRC, acted as the template for models in contact with the fanatic.

C13 - C27 Goblin Fanatics (1983 - 87)
The fanatics demonstrate the sheer pointlessness of the Warhammer points system and trying to create balanced armies given the unpredictability of the models who are as much a danger to your army as they are to the enemy. How do you points cost something like that? Whatever, they are completely bonkers and a lot of fun to use if you have a sense of humour...

C13 Goblin Fanatic swinging ball and chain (later C27 Dugga) (1983)
C27 Slotta-based Fanatic (1987?)
C27 Kang (1985)


  1. They look great! I love old Goblins. And I really like your new site, you have inspired me to pull out the old red box and play some wonderful, wonderful Warhammer Second edition. Thank you.

  2. Cool minis! I agree the early Warhammer and 40K minis had so much more character than their modern counterparts.

    One question: Was the upside-down guy cast that way, or did you just flip him and remove the slot on his feet?

    1. The slot for the upside down fanatics is/was on the ball, so it is supposed to go that way, yes.