Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Black Orc Blood Face Tribe

And so it begins... I managed to finish the first unit of Orcs today, the Blood Face Tribe!

The miniatures are the ex-Harlequin, now Black Tree Design, Great Orcs, sculpted by Kev Adams. They are wonderfully detailed and will make great Black Orcs, being somewhat on the large side (as you can see here!).

Whilst painting them I got it in my head that Orcs would probably wear some form of warpaint and came up with this half red look (mirrored on the shields) based on an African tribal pattern.

I've never been a fan of the John Blanche school of Orc shield painting, it just doesn't fit the Orc psyche, so shield designs and banners will be fairly simplistic designs befitting the nature of the beast. The standard bearer was a converted axe wielding Orc, the flag being made from Tomato Puree tube foil...

One Orc had his shield replaced with a makeshift wooden one scratch-built from plasticard...


  1. Great job! The red halves on the faces, banner and shield really ties them together as a unit.

  2. you gotta love them orcs! great finish to a great slection of models